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Our customers face unique coverage challenges. We have advanced capabilities and experience in managing exposures specific to their industries as well as those common to most employers.

We also utilize a diverse array of cost-saving strategies to help our clients manage their insurance expenses and turn their workers' compensation challenges into bottom-line solutions.

Workers' compensation insurance is compulsory and in some cases may be the largest insurance costs a company faces. Patriot employs practical solutions to help our clients contain their workers' compensation costs.

We work with our clients to help them understand how they can better manage and reduce their organization's costs in this area. We focus on improving safety and injury management. Our objective is to provide improved solutions for both workers and employers.
  Patriot helps our clients build a program specifically for the needs of their organization with the following in mind:
  Patriot Risk and InsuranceCash flow   Patriot Risk and InsuranceReduce workers' compensation
  Patriot Risk and InsuranceProduct pricing           premium
  Patriot Risk and InsuranceProfitability   Patriot Risk and InsuranceInjury management performance
  Patriot Risk and InsuranceSafety record    

Some of the services we offer are:
  Patriot Risk and InsuranceClaims reviews   Patriot Risk and InsuranceManagement reporting
  Patriot Risk and InsuranceOSHA reporting and   Patriot Risk and InsuranceDay to day claims management
         fine mitigation   Patriot Risk and InsurancePolicy placement and
  Patriot Risk and InsuranceLoss sensitive or high           management
         deductible plans   Patriot Risk and InsuranceSelf Insurance and feasibility

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