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One of the greatest risks facing most businesses is their exposure to auto liability claims. This includes supervisors operating pickup trucks and sales personnel driving passenger vehicles, as well as employees using delivery trucks and service vehicles. All of these situations create a liability exposure that could threaten the existence of your company.

In recent years, many jury decisions involving commercial automobile liability cases have resulted in high awards to the plaintiffs. In some cases, punitive damages, which are generally not covered by insurance, are also assessed against the defendant's organization - most often for negligent hiring and negligent entrustment of a vehicle and a general lack of adequate safety policies and controls.
  Vehicle Crashes are the #1 Cause of Workplace Fatalities

Beyond the physical damage of the vehicles, there is the potential for injuries to employees and others who may be involved in an accident. In fact, more employees are fatally injured on the job due to vehicle collisions than any other single cause. More than 25 percent of all construction industry deaths in the United States in 2006 were transportation related, the majority of which were vehicle accidents.

The injury costs associated with employee vehicle accidents are generally three times the cost of other workplace accidents.
An effective fleet management and maintenance program will help reduce an organization's auto liability exposure and protect the safety and welfare of its employees. The program should cover employees who drive company vehicles, as well as employees who drive their personal vehicles for company-related business.

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